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Free* Happy Memorial Day Images, Pictures, Wallpaper HD Download

Free* Happy Memorial Day Images, Pictures, Wallpaper HD Download Memorial Day is celebrated in the memory of all those who gave their lives into the service of the nation’s army and other forces. It is that day when people come together to commemorate the valor, courage and grit of our soldiers and other veteran officials of the army. It is a day that we take pride in! It is a day when we recollect and express our gratitude towards the sacrifice of all these great people which has enabled us to lead this peaceful life in our country. Memorial Day is celebrated all over the United States on the last Monday of the month of May. This year that is in 2017 it is falling on the 29th of May.

The celebration of Memorial Day takes place by decorating the graves of the US army soldiers who have passed away serving the nation and also its veteran officials. There are specific graveyards reserved for the burial of all such people in the United States. They are called as national graveyards. People go out to these graveyards on Memorial Day and place the US national flag in front of each grave as a mark of respect and gratitude. We have a wide range of all such images that would suit the occasion of Memorial Day. Please do have a look without fail!

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